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Champions in Fat
Monday, 20 August 2018

Currently, the consumer market is favouring fat over protein in dairy products, and the Holstein Friesian breed often gets a bad rap in this trait. However, recent evidence is telling us a different story! Holstein Friesians are currently leading the race for milk fat, according to the RAS list (updated 13 August 2018). Woodcote FI Mastermind holds the top spot, the highest fat content ever for a pure bred Holstein Friesian bull, at 52.3kg. The average fat BV for a NZ Holstein Friesian bull is 4.6% so at 4.9% Mastermind is well above average. Genetic gain for fat has been 1kg per year, irrespective of breed, and on average, Holstein Friesians have the highest milk fat BV. So if you’re looking for fat, think Holstein Friesian!

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Woodcote FI Mastermind as a four year old

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