Thu, 27 Sep 2018


New digital initiative celebrates women in the primary industries across the globe.
Wednesday, 29 March 2017

AgWomen Global launched on 6 March to celebrate all women who help shape the primary industries, no matter the size of the part they play. It is a drive to promote women living and working in the primary industries in New Zealand and abroad.

AgWomen is a year-long project celebrating and sharing unique stories from 365 different women, all who have contributed in shaping the Primary Industries. At the end of the 365 days a coffee table book will be produced sharing all 365 stories.

The content, which comes directly from women who experience it first hand, will share the successes and hardships of the primary industry as they know it. Images accompanied with written stories will be posted on the AgWomen Global Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as an extended story published as a blog on the website, This allows the audience a real opportunity to engage and share the women’s stories. The women profiled won’t only be from farms or the wives of farmers - they may be within a business who supports the industry; insurance, banking, or media for example.

Chelsea Millar, founder and CEO of Grass Roots Media NZ, wants to honour women in the rural sector who she believes can often be underrepresented. Chelsea recognises there are “many amazing women doing amazing things throughout our industry and that they all have a part to play in its success.” Chelsea and her team want to showcase a range of primary industry women by telling their stories digitally and bringing the audience on a journey to showcase and explore all parts of the industry.

AgWomen has stories from a range of women in New Zealand as well as stories from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA, Chile and Argentina, with the hope of gaining more locally and abroad. The AgWomen team are still looking for more stories and encourage women to contact them if interested or if they want to nominate someone to have their story told.

“Please don't think you don't have a story for AgWomen because you're ‘just a wife or mother who lives on farm.’ Every woman who is connected to the industry contributes to its success and we want to share the breadth of impact we have on our industry. By engaging with your community, doing the school run, inventing new tools or even working within an agribusiness, you're all playing a part in making the boat go faster so please...share that with us. We’d love to profile you!”

A PledgeMe campaign has been started, to help support the passion behind AgWomen. The team are excited to announce that Plant & Food Research are supporting AgWomen as a Corporate Pledger through the AgWomen Global PledgeMe campaign. The team are now working closely with Plant & Food Research to share their AgWomen’s stories. More pledges, from individuals to corporates, are welcomed as they look to hit the $28,500 target to ensure the initiative can continue its success. Pledges start at a minimum of $10 to receive rewards.

Media notes

The AgWomen team consist of Chelsea Millar, Anna Bailey, Georgie Cox, Chanelle O’Sullivan and Tarsh Newport. They will share AgWomen stories on Facebook, Instagram and their website daily, with the AgWomen Global book being produced in March 2018. The book will include all AgWomen from throughout the year, along with 12 extended stories, as chosen by the AgWomen community. Donate to their Pledge Me campaign to allow this initiative to continue and follow the social media accounts profiling women in the Primary Industries - @AgWomen.