Fri, 24 May 2019


All NZ Black & White Youth Calf Class Competition

Open to members between five and 21-years-old, this competition offers young members the opportunity to show calves at A & P shows (including NZ Dairy Event) and gain points. Further points can be earned by entering a photo in the Black & White Youth Photo Competiton.

There will be prizes for the first-place getters in each age group, along with the awarding of either the Arapeta or Kingsland Trophy (dependent on the age group). The overall winner (the youth member with the highest points across both age groups) will receive a live calf.

It’s simple – register at the beginning of the show season with the Holstein Friesian New Zealand office, and then fill in the logbook provided (counter-signed by an official) every time you enter the ring in a calf class at an A & P Show and/or NZ Dairy Event. You do not have to exhibit the same calf at each show but you must only record details of animals you have exhibited in your logbook.

HFNZ Black & White Youth Photo Competition

Photos judged on calf type, background of photo and dress/presentation of handler. The competition id divided into two classes. Junior members - under 14 years as at 1 October 2018. Senior members - 15-21 years as at 1 October 2018.

Entries close  29 March 2019.

Black & White Youth Photo Competition Entry Form

Broomfield Heifer Competition

This prize is awarded to the two year old in milk heifer with the highest overall points. Points are awarded for ideal TOP scores, protein BV and heifer ownership.

Entries closes 28 September 2018.

Broomfield Heifer Competition Conditions & Nommination Form

Broomfield Heifer Competition Nomination Form

Dennis Terry Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the camp participant with the most improved clipping skills at the National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp annually.

Frank Pfister Trophy

Awarded to the highest scoring youth member (16-21 years) annually at an official Hosltein Friesian NZ Judging School.

Paramount Cup

Awarded to the top performing youth member at the National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp annually.

Pitcairns Trophy - National Judging Competition

Open to members between 16 and 30 years as at 1 October, prior to the competition, every year. This junior judging competition is competed for annually at NZ Dairy Event. The winner will be awarded the Pitcairns Trophy and receive up to NZ$750 worth of travel towards a nominated show or dairy-industry-related event, to be used within 12 months of receiving the award.

The winner and runner-up of the Pitcairns Trophy will go forward to represent HFNZ in the World Wide Sires All Breeds Junior Judging competition, which will be held at NZ Dairy Event, either on the same day or the next day.